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2014 sign-ups

Countdown to Opening Day


Olathe Girls Softball leagues preview

Olathe Girls Softball offers both beginners and competitive leagues in all age groups.

Deadline to register for all 8U,1OU and 12U Teams is Monday March 17th

OGSA is a member of ASA/USA Softball. Age cut-off for all age groups is January 1st. Girls in T-ball/ Coach Pitch, 8 under,10 under and 12 under do not need to be a member of a team to register. OGSA will form teams in those age groups for players without a team.

Many competitive teams will hold tryouts for players; OGSA will not assign players to competitive teams from our individual sign-ups without the team manager’s permission. Players who are looking for a more competitive/Tournament team please click on the tab on the left side of this page "Teams seeking players" for more information on teams looking for players.

Managers may form a team from individual registrations in T-Ball,8U,10U & 12U.Team insurance and Team T-Shirts are included in the indivdual price of registration. OGSA reserves the right to add players to any team formed by individual regisration. Managers may check out team equipment for these teams with a refunable deposit.

Please contact Dave Jones if you would like to form a team.

All league games are scheduled to be played Monday-Friday's.

T-ball/Coach Pitch- This league is for beginner players from 4-6 years of age. Girls will play a ten game season. This league is a non-competitive league with learning the basic fundamentals of softball the goal of this age group.Practices will start May 5th Games start May 27th

Machine Pitch Leagues- This league is for player’s ages 6-8 years of age. Girls will play a 12 game schedule. Girls will be divided into to teams within their age group and playing experience.Practices Start March 24th Games start April 28th.

9-10 Year old Leagues- OGSA offers many different levels of play in this age group.Practices Start March 24th Games start April 28th.

Players may sign-up with an established team or may be placed on a recreational team.

Player/Coach Pitch League- This league is for teams with little experience in competitive fast pitch softball. Team pitcher will pitch to batters until there are 4 balls on the batter. A team coach will then pitch to that batter until the batter is out or the ball is put in play.

C-Level of play- Teams will play under the regular rules of softball with a few exceptions to help girls into the next level of competitive softball.

A&B Leagues- These leagues are for team who are looking to play a competitive league schedule. Teams will play a 14 game schedule.

11-12 Leagues- OGSA offers both competitive and recreational leagues in these age groups. Players may sign-up with an established team or may be placed on a recreational team that is formed by player sign-ups. Teams will play a 14 game schedule.Practices Start March 24th Games start April 28th.

13-14 Leagues- OGSA offers both Competitive and recreational leagues for players in this age group. All teams are formed from team sign-ups; however OGSA will help any individual player who is looking for a team find a team to play with. Teams will play a 14 game schedule.Practices Start March 24th Games start May 12th.

15-16/High School age league teams- All Teams are formed by team sign-ups. OGSA offers both recreational and competitive leagues. Teams will play a 10 game schedule that will begin after the Memorial Day weekend.







2014 Sping Practice Schedule

Practice Schedules start on Monday March 24th for 8u-14u teams.

Teams must have registered for the 2014 season before they are granted a practice time slot. Managers if your team is not on the practice list please down load the form on this page and e-mail in your request.

Practice times will end with the first night of league play April 28th!

Teams may practice on Weekends if OGSA is not hosting a Tournament