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Board of Directors Meeting notice

he Olathe Girls' Softball Association (OGSA) will conduct an election for officers to the organization's Board of Directors.  This election will be held at the at the indoor facility at OGSA Lone Elm Park on April 23rd, 2014 at 7:00 PM.   For the purpose of this election, those members entitled to vote is limited to parents of any OGSA player, Coaches, Managers, Assistant Coaches, and OGSA Sponsors.  Only members whose teams were registered in OGSA League Ball in 2013 or 2014 are entitled to vote in the election.

Candidates will be identified for all 12 offices of the Board of Directors including President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, six Age Commissioners, and 3 Members at Large.

Those persons wanting to be placed on the Ballot may make their desire to run known by e-mail to the election nomination committee, which consists of Nathan Ellsworth, Don Delana, and Mike Vaupel.  Candidates may provide their name and the office for which they wish to run to the election nomination committee at OGSAnominations@gmail.com.  Those candidates who make their desire to run for office known ahead of time and who are eligible for the position they wish to run for will appear on the prepared ballot.  No nominations from the floor will be accepted.

At the election voting membership will be confirmed against player registration lists from 2013 and 2014.  Confirmed members will be given a paper ballot on which they may complete and submit.  NO campaigning or electioneering is to take place during this meeting.  The ballots will be reviewed and the votes tallied and the election results will be final.

No other OGSA business will be conducted on this date.

Please submit any questions via e-mail at OGSAnominations@gmail.com.

Full membership support in this process is strongly encouraged.


Batting Cages open for practice at Lone Elm Park

Batting Cages are open at Lone Elm Park for team practice, Batting cages at 151st are still under repair. Cages are still closed for repairs at OGSA Park!

Team USA Softball will come to Kansas City in June 2015

Team USA Softball will come to the area in June of 2015 to play two games against area players.

More details to come soon.

2014 Spring/Summer League sign-ups are underway

Please go to the 2014 registration sign-up tab to resigter

Sign-ups still open for T-Ball players and 14 under and 16-18 teams.

Dave  Jones

Dave Jones

General Manager/Tournament Director

Phone: 913-530-6542

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