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Tips for staying cool in Hot weather

With the temperature predicted to reach near 100 degrees for the next few days  please review the tips below to keep your players safe from the heat.
How to Beat Fatigue in Softball

If the sun is beaming and the temperature is high, seven innings can feel like forever — and that’s just one game. At softball tournaments, teams in the loser’s bracket can find themselves battling all day to reach the championship.

A long day at the park will undoubtedly fatigue your body, but there are things you can do to preserve your energy and stay in the game. Follow these tips on how to beat the heat at any softball tournament.

Take a Break

When you have a break between games, take advantage of it. You have been pushing yourself for a solid 90 minutes (if not longer) — you can take a little breather. Sit down somewhere out of the sun, on a chair or a blanket, and relax.

Kick off Your Cleats

Show your feet some appreciation — seven innings of standing and running takes its toll. The best way to refresh your legs is to take your cleats off. Bring an extra pair of shoes or sandals and change out of your cleats after your game. Give your feet some air and stretch them out.


A break is not the time to run around. Don’t go chasing around your friends or siblings. Sit or lie down, and relax. Bring a book or some music and get into your own zone. This is your time to compose yourself and mentally prepare for the next game.

Stay Cool

The sun is great — that is, if it’s not in your eyes, draining your energy, or damaging to your skin. Because of this, every player needs to be fully aware of protecting themselves from the sun’s rays.


If you have breaks between games, stay in the shade. Breaks are not the times to sunbathe. Whether or not you can feel it, just exposing yourself to the sun will drain your energy. Make sure to find a shaded area to rest. Compose yourself, re-hydrate, and calm your nerves.

Sun Block

Wearing sun block should be a no-brainer. Whether it’s sunny or not, you should always have an adequate amount of sun block on exposed skin. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Cool Down

If it’s particularly hot, use a towel and soak it in cold water. Place the towel on your wrists, behind your knees, or around your neck for instant cooling.

Read more at: http://softball.isport.com/softball-guides/how-to-beat-fatigue-in-softball

Lone Elm Park new parking lots are open

The final phase of the Lone Elm parking lot project is complete!

Batting cages are open at both parks






Fall league schedule is posted

Fall league schedule is posted. Games will begin this Sunday August 17th!


Lone Elm Park-5 Lighted Fields 2 T-ball fields Restrooms Concession Stand 16901 S. Lone Elm Road Olathe KS. 66061

OGSA Weather Line 913-764-6213

Please do not call the OGSA office phone number for weather information !

151st OGSA Park

7 lighted fiels, restroom batting cages and playgound.

Address 13901 W 151st Olathe KS 66062

Team USA Softball will come to Kansas City in June 2015

Team USA Softball will come to the area in June of 2015 to play two games against area players.

More details to come soon.

OGSA 2014 Game Day Pictures

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